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Secretary (voting board position) and Webmaster position available. 

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Mandatory Uniform Sizing and Equipment Inspection will be on September 10th at WCC in the Gym.  More details to follow!


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2016 Team Rosters

Britney Bridel
Brooke Berens
Kendall Butler
Natalie Foster
Brooke Hartzell
Sydney Haake
Hannah Karius
Abby Latka
Thaya Luse
Olivia Sheehan
Olivia Singer
Katy Tripp

Elizabeth Albert
Emma Bachio
Cassidy Carby
Brooke Gasinski
Jessica Havernick
Claire Lamb
Ronnie Latka

Hannah Mackowiak
Shelby Peritore
Delaney Sheehan
Erika Suchecki
Abby Young


16U Elite
Bri Avery
Krystal Cortes
Juvia Davis
Delaney Devor

Grace Hunger
Aislen Kelly
Katie Marker
Ashley McCance
Autumn Sullivan
Brittany Thomas
Sam Vaca
Natalie Walters
Megan White


Calli Bishop
Sienna Havlovic
Brianna Lupa
Morgan Marquis
Taylor Neville
Jalyn Payne
Kaylee Reed
Haylee Reyes
Ally Suyak
Alexa Tranter
Jessica Wilson
Ellen Wheatland


Megan Arcivar
Courtney Davis
Samantha Fattes
Carley Frauenhoff

Kailey Ingles
Emma Molenhouse
Julia Penman
Mary Wackerlin
Kelsea Zitt


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2016 Head Coaches 

12u - Shelly Tripp

14u - Curt Carby

16u - Shannon Thomas - Elite Team
16u - Tegan O'Connor

18u - Dani Blocker

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Fundraising Request Information:
When submitting a fundraising request to Kela, please include the following information and send to vpevents@nithunder.com
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Event Name:
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